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To ensure consistent quality, the physical & chemical properties of the TMT bars are tested in the Universal Testing Machine while the chemical composition of the raw material (MS Billets) is scrutinized by the Spectrometer. This is achieved through pre-defined and random sample tests at every stage of the manufacturing process.


Our high quality standards and world class technology have catapulted SUPER 600 GOLD to being the leading manufacturer of TMT Bars, MS Squares, Design Squares, MS Flats, Design Flats, and MS Rounds.

Easy To Work With

SUPER 600 GOLD TMT Bars reduce construction and fabrication time by providing better ductility and bendability.

Bonding Strength

External ribs running across the entire length of SUPER 600 GOLD Bars provide superior bonding strength between the bar and concrete and fulfil Bond requirements as per IS: 456/78 and IS: 1786/85.

Cost Effective

A high tensile strength and better elongation value result in significant cost savings.


Better flexibility is another reason why SUPER 600 GOLD TMT Bars are preferred over other bars.

Corrosion Resistant

Controlled water-cooling during the THERMEX TMT process prevents the formation of coarse carbides, which are primarily responsible for the corrosive nature of common bars. An additional reason for the superior corrosion resistance of our TMT bars is the absence of surface stresses caused by the cold twisting process.

Fine Welding Features

The low carbon content of SUPER 600 GOLD TMT Bars facilitates usage for butt and other weld joints without reduction in strength at the weld joints.

Earthquake Resistant

The soft ferrite-pearlite core enables the bar to efficiently bear dynamic and seismic loading. SUPER 600 GOLD TMT Bars display higher fatigue resistance to Dynamic/ Seismic loads due to their superior ductility.


Due to very high elongation values and consistent properties SUPER 600 GOLD TMT Bars provide excellent workability and bendability.

Fire Resistant

Unlike Tor steel/ CTD Reinforcement bars, SUPER 600 GOLD TMT Bars display high thermal stability and are capable of withstanding temperatures of 400-6000 degrees C.


Due to their superior performance and workability SUPER 600 GOLD TMT Bars are suited for a multitude of applications.


With SUPER 600 GOLD TMT Bars, you are assured of quality standards that deliver steel of unparalleled strength and durability. Our stringent Quality Control regimen sets the benchmark in the industry. Quality is assessed and ensured at every step of the manufacturing process. Raw materials are subjected to the most meticulous inspection and dimensional tolerances are thoroughly maintained. Our quality standards are so impeccable that all the raw materials used to manufacture SUPER 600 GOLD TMT bars are sourced only from our very own induction furnace at Durgapur.

A passion for technology and an uncompromising attitude towards quality define our mettle in the steel manufacturing industry, and as an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, all the products confirm to ISI standards IS: 1786/1985 and IS: 2062.

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